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In this age of online agent comparison websites it can get very difficult to select the right person to market your house. Sadly many of these free comparison sites will often only recommend agents who have signed up and agreed to split their fees with them (Andrew Winter "Selling Houses Australia" in Redcliffe & Bayside Herald 15 th March 2017). Nothing is ever truly free!

My motivation to become a real estate agent came from my growing frustration with the industry itself. I have had many negative experiences – false promises, high commissions and pressure to sell quickly. Finding an agent who REALLY cares about you and your property is challenging.

You need someone who is motivated, honest, trustworthy and has previous experience in selling property.

So how do you find someone like that? Well that’s where I step in!

As a sole operator I am my business. This means I work on each sale exclusively. It’s about providing quality customer service at all times. I won’t underprice your property to get a quick sale. As your property agent I will never make promises I can’t keep.

I will give you the best advice regarding today’s property market, because that is what counts: how much your property can sell for if it was to sell right now.

There are many factors to take into consideration. I would love to discuss them with you during a FREE MARKET APPRAISAL of your property. Call or email me today to arrange one.

In most cases your property is your biggest asset. Let me help you to get the best possible final business transaction by working hard to negotiate on your behalf. My motivation is YOU. That's it.

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